For graduate students you are eligible to apply for Graduate Candidacy once you reach 12 credits. To apply, sign into and click on the "MyKU Forms" tile from your Student Homepage.

Then on the next page, click on the Graduate Candidacy form to fill out:


If you have not applied for Graduate Candidacy, you will be taken to the Application screen.  You may enter comments to go along with your application, if desired.  Those comments will be visible by your advisor.

Enter an expected graduation date, and click the appropriate checkbox to indicate if you're completing a thesis for this degree.  Then, click the Submit button to submit your application.



When you click on "Apply for Graduate Candidacy" and you already submitted a form, you will be taken to a screen where you can review prior submitted forms or to start a new form (if you have multiple majors).  Clicking on a prior form will allow you to review comments and the status of the form.

When viewing a prior form, it will show your form in read-only mode and will also display any comments and the current workflow status.  In this case it is showing that the student has submitted the form and it is pending the Advisor's approval.


If Your Application is Denied

If your application has been denied, you will receive notification via e-mail.  You can also review the application in MyKU and re-apply.  To re-apply, you will click on "Start New Form" button when on the Form review screen.


If You're Pursuing Multiple Graduate Degrees

If you have other Graduate degrees that you can submit, you will click on the "Start New Form" button when on the Form review screen.