Student Submits Form

If a Graduate student is eligible for Graduate Candidacy, they will see an option in their MyKU Forms tile. This will allow them to submit a Graduate Candidacy application or to review a previously submitted application.

Advisor Review

After the student has applied, an e-mail is automatically sent to the student's advisor(s), similar to the following:  

After receiving this e-mail, the advisor must log into MyKU to act on the application.  After logging in, click on the MyKU Forms icon on your Faculty homepage.

You can then click on the "Approve Forms" from the menu on the left.  It will then bring you to a screen that will show the forms that are pending your approval.

If you click on a form in the list on that screen, you will be taken to that form to review the information that was submitted and have the ability to approve, deny, return or route the form.  More information about how the new workflow system works can be seen in the MyKU Forms Faculty Instructions page.

If the application is approved, an e-mail is sent to the Dean of Graduate Studies to let them know that they must act on the student's application next.  If the application is denied, the student will receive an e-mail informing them, and the student can re-apply.

Once the Dean of Graduate Studies approves the form, the student will receive a confirmation that the form was successful.

Student's Pursuing Multiple Graduate Degrees

If a student has other Graduate degrees they will submit a new form for each major/degree that they are pursuing.  Each form will be routed to the appropriate advisor.