If you forgot your current KU password, you can still reset your password with the KU Account Management tool Reset Password Via Email process. 

IMPORTANT! This process requires that you have already set your MyKU profile settings for password reset. If you have not already set your profile, please contact the Help Center for a password reset. Once your new password is set, we recommended that you set your MyKU profile settings for future password reset needs.

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Reset password via email" link. You'll be asked to validate your MyKU personal information.


Enter your User ID (the first part of your KU email address) and click "Next."


IMPORTANT! Please DO NOT use the auto-fill settings from your browser to complete the text fields at any point during this process. If the text field auto-populates with text, please select all the text, delete it, and type your information manually.


Enter your User ID. Click "Submit."  


Confirm your email address and click "Send."

When the email is sent, you will receive the following message.



You'll receive an email from no-reply@kutztown.edu to your alternate email address with a link to reset your password.  Click on the ‘Reset your password’ link.

Enter and confirm a new password, making sure to follow the required password guidelines. Click "Continue."


Finally, wait for the confirmation that your password has been reset before closing the window.