Each semester the Office of Information Technology creates email distribution lists for each scheduled class. These lists can be used to easily communicate with the students in the class.


The distribution list names will start with the term number


Term code + subject code + course number + section = distribution list


  • Term = 2212 (Spring 2021)
  • Subject = Math (MAT)
  • Course/Catalog Number = 115
  • Section = 010
  • Distribution List = 2212MAT115010
    • Full email address = 2212MAT115010@kutztown.edu

Steps to Email Your Classlist

  1. Click in the "To" field of a new email.
  2. Start typing your class distribution list address. A list of related results will appear.
  3. Find your section and double click on it to add to the "To" field. 
  4. Click "OK.""
  5. The address will appear in your new email with a "+" symbol in front of it. If you click on the "+" symbol it will expand to display all of the student email addresses for that classlist.

Term Codes

First digit = Millennium (20XX)
Middle digits = Last two digits of year
Last digit = Term (1= Winter, 2=Spring, 5=Summer, 8=Fall) 


TermTerm CodeKey
Spring 20192192

2 = Millennium

19 = Last two digits of year

2 = Spring term

Fall 20202208

2 = Millennium

20 = Last two digits of year

8 = Fall term