Mediasite Channels allow video owners to organize presentations by category, topic, course, etc., and allow a group of videos to be shared via one link.


Creating a Channel

  1. Click on "Channels" on the left (below your name). Then click the "Add Channel" button.

  2. Provide a name for the channel and a description (optional). You can also upload a thumbnail image to customize the channel page.

  3. Choose a theme and default sort order for the videos on the channel. Leave the "Channel Functionality" settings as the defaults. Click "Create Channel."

Moving a Presentation to a Channel

  1. Click "My Presentations" to return to return to the list of your presentations.
  2. Select a presentation that you wish to add to the channel.

  3. On the right, click "Move To."

  4. Select "Place this Presentation in a Channel" and choose the channel that you created from the list. Then click "Move Presentation."

Viewing Channels

  1. To view the channel, return to the "Channels" area on the left.

  2. Click on the channel name to view the channel. You can also add the channel to your sidebar by clicking "Favorite."

Editing a Channel Name

  1. To edit a channel, click on the channel name and then choose "Edit" on the channel page.

  2. Make any necessary updates and then click "Save Changes."

Sharing a Channel

  1. You can obtain the link to the channel to share by clicking "View."

  2. This will open the channel's page in a new window/tab. Copy the URL from the browser and post to D2L, email, etc.

Deleting a Channel

  1. To delete a channel, click on the channel name and then choose "Edit" on the channel page.

  2. Click "Delete" in bottom right of the edit screen.