I recorded or uploaded a presentation to MyMediasite, but the presentation still says “recording.” – Why isn’t it viewable?

There may have been an issue caused by inadequate internet bandwidth during the upload process or there may have been a temporary glitch in internet connectivity. Try re-uploading the video with a strong network connection.

I think my presentation uploaded correctly.  How do I know for sure?

Once the blue upload progress bar has completed the box around your presentation should say “the presentation is being processed” or “the presentation is queued for processing." Your video will be available once processing completes. You'll receive an email notification when the video is viewable.

I downloaded and installed the Mediasite Software, but the software doesn’t have my name in the upper left corner of the grey box (not registered). What should I do?

After downloading the Desktop Recorder software, you'll need to register it to your account before recording your first presentation. If you already have the software installed on your computer, but still need to register it, you can return to MyMediasite, click the "Add Media" button and then use the second option on the page --- "Already downloaded the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but not registered? Click here." 

Once the software is activated, verify that your email is now in the upper left corner of the MDR software window,


I made my presentation but others can’t see it.  What is wrong?

If you are sharing the video via a direct link in D2L or an email, make sure the "Who Can View" slider is set to "My Organization." If you need users outside of KU to be able to view your video, you can set the slider to "Everyone." If someone is still having a problem viewing they view, suggest that they try a different browser.


I recorded a presentation using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but after processing the presentation has no audio. What’s wrong?

The wrong microphone setting was probably chosen after launching the software.  Make sure to choose the microphone setting in which you can see the yellow and green lights blink on the software when you talk.