What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a hosted video platform integrated at a majority of the State System schools. Mediasite allows faculty to provide video content for students to watch outside of the classroom or for online courses. Presentations are uploaded to cloud stroage where editing, organization, and sharing is completed. Users can then watch the video on demand anytime, anywhere. 

Mediasite is similar to other video streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo, but has distinct advantages. Advantages of Mediasite include:

  • Compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Mobile-friendly (compatible with iOS and Android).
  • Video is delivered via streaming (no downloading required).
  • KU Single-Sign On Authentication (no third party accounts necessary).
  • Videos are (by default) private to KU users for privacy (videos can be made public if necessary).
  • If a viewer leaves a video, playback will resume where the video was stopped.
  • Videos can be organized into channels to be shared via a single link (via D2L or email).
  • Accepts many video files (flash, MPEG, AVI, QuickTime/MOV, and Windows Media)


Suggested Uses

  • online video lectures (missed classes, flipped classes, introductory materials, follow-up information, etc.)
  • verbalizing project instructions
  • student presentations outside of class time
  • artifact demos
  • software demos

Mediasite Components

There are two main components to Mediasite:

  1. Media Upload - Mediasite is a video hosting solution that allows you to share streaming videos with colleagues or students. This prevents large file attachments in email or uploads to D2L. If you already have a video file that you want to share, you'll use the media upload feature of Mediasite.

  2. Mediasite Capture App (Desktop Recorder) - The Mediasite Capture app is a simple desktop recorder application that offers a simple workflow for recording narrated screen captures (presentations or other computer-based demonstrations). These videos can include the presenter in a "talking head" format and is similar to screen captures produced by Camtasia, Captivate, Jing, but have no time limit, licensing fees, or third party accounts.

Mediasite Web Editor

MyMediasite includes a web based video editing application. The Mediasite Editor provides basic editing functions for trimming unwanted segments of a presentation and adjusting slide content. To access the web editor, open the summary page of any presentation and click the "Edit Video" button to the right of the preview window. For more advanced video editing, you will need to download the video to your computer and use a video editing software (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Camtasia, etc.).

Mediasite Links

MyMediasite - https://kupmediasite.passhe.edu/mediasite/mymediasite

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Direct Download Link - http://kupmediasite.passhe.edu/mediasite/desktoprecorder

Quick Start Guide

Below are the basic steps to getting started with Mediasite. For more information on the Mediasite Capture App, see the Mediasite Capture App support article.

  1. Download and the Mediasite Capture app.
  2. IMPORTANT! After installing the software, return the the installation webpage to register the recorder to your account.
  3. Create a recording.
  4. Wait for email notification that the recording has processed.
  5. Access the recording on MyMediasite.
  6. Set the video status to "Viewable."
  7. Share the recording via D2L or email.