This article explains how to share an existing Mediasite presentation. For information on creating a new presentation, see the Mediasite support articles.

Mediasite videos can be shared wherever links are accepted (email, websites, D2L, etc.). Please note that KU Mediasite videos, by default, are only viewable by KU users (with active KU logins). If you have a scenario where your video needs to be viewed by the public, please contact to request that the video(s) be made public. 

The D2L Content area is the best place to share and post course-related videos so that students will always know where to return to find the video link. For details on sharing presentations in D2L, see the Adding Mediasite Presentations to D2L article.

Navigate to My Mediasite. Select the presentation that you want to share from your video repository.

New videos uploaded or created with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) are set to "Private" by default, meaning only the video creator will be able to view the video. Be sure to change the visibility to "Viewable" on the bottom before sharing!

Click the “Share Presentation” button found at the bottom of the right column.

If you plan to post the link somewhere (website, email body, etc.), click "Copy" to copy the quick link to the video. You can then paste this link.

You can also send an email invite to specific individuals right from Mediasite. Enter the individual's email address in the field and click "Invite." The individual will receive an email from Mediasite with a link to watch the video. Please note that this email can be forwarded and anyone from KU with the link to the video will be able to view the video!

You can repeat this process to share each desired Mediasite video. You can also Mediasite Channels (Faculty/Staff) to group your videos. This would require only a single link to be shared.