This article documents the steps for creating a recurring, no fixed time Zoom Meeting. This is the recommended configuration for academic courses. This article will highlight the recommended security settings for online course meetings. 

Zoom is account based (rather than course specific) so you will setup Zoom meeting spaces for all your courses within your personal Zoom account.

To keep your Zoom account organized and to minimize the number of “Join Urls,” or links, you and your students have to manage, it recommended that you create one (1) Zoom meeting per course and use that Zoom room for all course meetings. For example, you can create a room called "CSC_200_010_2020Fall Meeting Room" to be used to conduct all course meetings for CSC_200_010 during the fall semester.

Creating a Zoom Meeting

Access KU’s Zoom portal at or via the Communications menu in any D2L course. Please make sure you are using KU’s Zoom portal. If you are not logging in with KU Single Sign On (KU username and password), you are not accessing KU’s Zoom instance.

Note: Students cannot see the Zoom link in the D2L Communications menu. Students will access Zoom via the link you provide them. See the Joining a Zoom Room as a Participant article.

KU Zoom's portal will load in a new window/tab. Click "Sign In." If prompted, sign in to Zoom using your KU username and password. If you are already signed in to another KU tool (email, D2L) you will likely bypass this step.


To start setting up your first course meeting, navigate to “Meetings” in the left navigation menu and then click “Schedule a Meeting.”

Provide a topic name. One recommendation is to name each meeting topic with the course name or code. You can enter a description (optional). However, participants will not see this field. 



You can skip the date and time settings and check of the box for “Recurring meeting.”



New fields will appear. Change the “Recurrence” to “No Fixed Time.”


Meeting ID

Leave the Meeting ID to “Generate Automatically.”


  • Passcode – Passcodes provide an additional layer of security for your Zoom meeting. The passcode will become part of the invite link that you share with students so students will not need to know the assigned passcode.

  • Waiting Room – This option allows hosts to control when participants join the meeting by placing them in a virtual waiting room prior to entering the meeting. Be sure to review your personal waiting room settings.


The recommended settings for video (host and participant) is off. This will prevent users from coming into the meeting with a live web camera and allows attendees time to prepare their environment before enabling their video within the meeting.


The recommended setting for audio is “Both.” This will allow participants to choose if they want to use their computer audio (preferred) or call in on the phone. Participants will be provided call-in information inside the meeting.

Meeting Options

  • Enable join before host – This setting controls whether participants are able to join the meeting room before the host arrives. The recommended setting is off.

  • Mute participants upon entry – This setting controls attendee microphones upon entry. The recommended setting is enabled to prevent interferenceWithout this setting enabled, participants will join the session with a live microphone.

  • Only authenticated users can join – This setting controls who can join the meeting. The recommended setting is enabled with “KU Faculty, Staff, and Students” selected. Other authentication profiles are available to select, including:
    • KU Faculty and Staff
    • KU Faculty, Staff, Students, and other PASSHE Schools
    • Any User with Zoom Login This is the least secure setting and is only recommended when inviting guest speakers.

  • Automatically record meeting – It is recommended that you manually begin and end the recording within your meeting. If you choose to record your meeting automatically, decide if you will wish record locally or to the cloud. Cloud recording is recommended for easy sharing.

Alternative Hosts

You can add an alternative host to your meeting. Students cannnot be assigned as alternative hosts. 

Click “Save” to create the meeting. A confirmation screen with your meeting details will appear. 

The "Invite Link" in the middle of the confirmation screen is the link you need to share with meeting participants (students). The best way to share with students is through D2L. 


Sharing Your Zoom Meeting in D2L

It is recommended that you post a link to your Zoom course meeting in D2L. To do so, you can add link in one of your content modules by clicking "Upload / Create" and choosing "Create a Link."


Enter a title for the link, paste the URL, then click "Create." We recommend setting your link to "open as external resource."