Viewing Your Zoom Recordings

Login to Zoom and click “Recordings” in the left navigation menu.



The list of available cloud recordings will appear. To view a recording, click on the Topic title.



On the recording details page, click on the video thumbnail to play the video in a new browser window.



Tip: You can also use the filter and search options at the top of the My Recordings page to find specific recordings.


Downloading Your Zoom Recordings

After viewing the video, you can download the video to your device by clicking the “Download” button.



You can also download recordings directly from the “My Recordings” page by clicking the “More” menu and choosing “Download.”


Deleting Your Zoom Recordings

After viewing and downloading your video (if desired), you can delete the recording by clicking the trashcan icon.



You can also delete multiple recordings on the “My Recordings” page by selecting the recordings you wish to delete and then clicking “Delete Selected.”