Zoom is KU's an online meeting platform that allows for virtual communication with students and colleagues in real time.

Please view the following series of short videos to help you get started with Zoom. In addition to these videos, KU provides the Zoom Solution Center, a 24/7 fully searchable knowledge base that contains self-help articles on Zoom features.

If you have a question about Zoom or experience an issue, please contact the KU IT/D2L Help Center at helpcenter@kutztown.edu or 610-683-1511. 

To get started with this orientation, click "Play" to view each video below. You can start and stop a video at any point.


Create a Zoom Room for your Class

The first step to getting started with Zoom is to create a Zoom meeting room where your class meeting can take place virtually. 

Watch a video overview of how to create a Zoom room for each of your classes:

Post the link to your Zoom Room in D2L

Once your Zoom room has been created, you need to share the link to the room with students so that they can join you.

Watch a video overview of how to post the link to your Zoom Class in D2L:

Host a Live Zoom Class

With a live Zoom Class, you can meet with your students virtually in real-time. The audio and video functionality, paired with screen sharing capabilities allows you to deliver remote lectures. 

Watch a video overview of how to host a Zoom class:

Record Your Lecture

All students may not be able to attend your lecture live at the scheduled time. You can use Zoom's record to cloud feature to record your live lecture so that students that were unable to attend can watch the lecture at a later time. 

Watch a video overview of how to start a recording during a Zoom meeting:

Post Your Zoom Lecture Recording

After your lecture ends and you receive the email notification that your recording is ready, you will need to post the link to the recording in D2L to share with students.

Watch a video overview of how to share a recording in D2L: