This article details the Polling feature available for Zoom meetings.

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Setting up a Poll

Its best to setup polls prior to a meeting so that participants don't have to wait idly while you create the poll. 

Meeting polls are found at the bottom of the meeting settings page. Return to the "Upcoming Meetings" tab and click on the topic link to open the meeting settings page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add" in the polling section.

Enter a name for the poll. Then, enter your first question. Click "+ Add a Question" to add additional questions or click "Save."

To add another poll, click "Add" on the meeting settings page again.


When you are finished adding polls and poll questions, close the Zoom portal window.

Launching a Poll

Your poll should now automatically appear in the "Polls" window. If you have more than one poll for the meeting, select your poll in the drop down menu. 

To launch the poll during your meeting, click the "Polling" icon in the bottom navigation menu.

If you setup more than one poll for the meeting, you can select the desired poll from the drop down menu. 

Click "Launch Poll" to start the poll for participants. 

A timer will start and live results will begin to populate as participants answer the question(s). Click "End Poll" to end the poll for participants. 

Results are private to the host, unless shared. To share results with the meeting participants, click "Share Results."

When ready, click "Stop Sharing."