Every Zoom account has a “Personal Meeting Room” associated with it. The Personal Meeting Room, or PRM for short, is a pre-created Zoom meeting that is always available for on-demand meetings. This is a great tool for hosting Office Hours, Advising, and One-to-One Appointments with students or colleagues.

Access Your Personal Meeting Room

Login to the Zoom web portal at https://kutztown.zoom.us.


Access Personal Meeting Room by navigating to “Meetings” and choosing “Personal Meeting Room.”



You’ll find the default “Join URL” to share with attendees in the middle of the page. Be sure to check out the next section on how to customize your Join URL for a more personalized experience.


It is recommended that you check your Personal Meeting Settings to ensure they are configured appropriately for you intended use. The settings are explained below and include recommendations for the most secure environment.


  • Passcode – Passcodes provide an additional layer of security for your Zoom meeting. The passcode becomes part of your invite link that you share with attendees. Generally, PMRs utilize the Waiting Room feature so a passcode is not necessary.

  • Waiting Room – This option allows hosts to control when participants join the meeting by placing them in a virtual waiting room prior to entering the meeting. Be sure to review your personal waiting room settings.


The recommended settings for video (host and participant) is off. This will prevent users from coming into the meeting with a live web camera and allows attendees time to prepare their environment before enabling their video within the meeting.


The recommended setting for audio is “Both.” This will allow participants to choose if they want to use their computer audio (preferred) or call in on the phone. Participants will be provided call-in information inside the meeting.

Meeting Options

  • Enable join before host – This setting controls whether attendees are able to join the meeting room before the host arrives. The recommended setting is off so attendees cannot join your meeting room unless you (the host) are present.

  • Mute participants upon entry – This setting controls attendee microphones upon entry. The recommended setting is enabled to prevent interferenceWithout this setting enabled, attendees will join the session with a live microphone.
  • Only authenticated users can join – This setting controls which users can join the meeting. The authentication profiles are listed below. For personal meetings where you may be meeting with individuals from outside the KU organization, “Any User with Zoom Login” may be the most appropriate. With this setting, Waiting Room is always encouraged.
    • For classes and campus events, the recommended setting is enabled with one of the “KU Faculty, Staff, and Students” combinations selected.

Authentication profiles are available to select, including:

  • KU, Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • KU Faculty and Staff
  • KU Faculty, Staff, Students, and other PASSHE Schools
  • Any User with Zoom Login
  • Automatically record meeting – It is recommended that you manually begin and end the recording within your meeting. If you choose to record your meeting automatically, decide if you will wish record locally or to the cloud. Cloud recording is recommended for easy sharing.

Click “Save” to create the meeting. A confirmation screen with your meeting details will appear.

Customizing Your Personal Meeting Room Link 

To customize your personal meeting room link, navigate to your “Profile” page in the left navigation menu.  Click “Customize” to personalize your link.



Enter the desired link and then click “Save Changes.” If your alias is not available, please try another combination.



You can now share this personalized URL with your attendees.