This article explains how to record and share Zoom meeting recordings.

Recording a Meeting

To record a meeting, simply click the "Record" icon in the menu bar when you want to start recording.

You can pause or stop the recording at any time. 

PAUSING the recording allows you to temporarily pause a recording and then resume with the SAME recording. STOPPING a recording ends the current recording and it begins processing for sharing. If you start recording again during the same meeting, Zoom will create a second recording file. 

Accessing Recordings

To access your recordings, return to the Zoom portal from the navigation menu ("Communications > Zoom"). Navigate to the "My Recordings" tab

This tab will show you a list of recordings. Recordings should appear immediately, but will need time to process. If a recording is processing, you'll see the word "processing" next to the name. Once the recording is finished processing, there will be a "Share" button. Click "Share."

The sharing settings will display. Be sure to leave "Publicly" selected. Only individuals with the direct link will be able to access the recording. If you select "Internally", students will not able able to play the recording. 

If you want viewers to be able to download the recording as an .MP4 video file to their own computers, you can enable the toggle. 

Otherwise select and copy the meeting recording link.

Sharing Recordings

Each recording will need be shared individually in D2L. Students will not have automatic access to Zoom recordings.

You can share this link with students in any manner. It is a direct link to the recording and the recording will play in any web browser. We recommend pasting the link to the recording in the content area of D2L. You can create a module as a repository for all recordings, or you can post the recordings as resources for a given module/week. 

Within the module, create a link standard link and paste the URL that you copied into the URL field. 

Remember to give the recording a meaningful name and include the date as it will be the only way students will know the recording date!