In addition to text-based feedback, the Assignments tool also allows instructors to leave audio or video feedback for students. Audio and video feedback can speed up the evaluation process for instructors because it eliminates timely typing. It can also increase student motivation because students can hear the professor’s intonation and reflection in the feedback. The personal aspect often gives feedback more meaning. The process outlined below focuses on audio feedback, but the process for adding video is the same.

Enter the Assignment folder that contains student submissions.

Scroll down to the list of student submissions. Click on a submission to open the evaluation screen.

The evaluation tools will appear on the right side of the submission view. Scroll down to the bottom of the window. Under the feedback text field, click the “Record Audio" button.

Click the “New Recording” button to begin recording your audio feedback. When you are finished recording, click the "Stop Recording" record button.

Note: There is a five minute time limit for audio / video feedback.

You can review your recording by clicking the “Play” button. If you've made a mistake, you can create a new recording by clicking the "New Recording" button again.

Once you are satisfied with the recording, click “Add.”

On the dialogue that appears asking for a description, just click 'Add.' The title and description are not retained, so there is no need to enter it.

The file will be added below the feedback field. You can leave additional text feedback, if desired. Click “Publish” to make the feedback available to the student.

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