This article demonstrates how to set up the D2L Attendance tool. The Attendance tool can be used to track participation at class sessions, online meetings, or special events.

Attendance Schemes

Attendance schemes define the options for marking student attendance. Each register uses an attendance scheme, which is selected during the register setup (below).

The default "System Scheme" is a simple scheme that defines two possible attendance statuses: present and absent. You can create a more complex scheme that defines additional statuses (e.g. late, excused absence, unexcused absence), providing more flexibility for taking attendance. If you wish to use the default scheme, please move to the next section, "Attendance Registers."

Navigate to the Attendance tool by clicking "Resources > Attendance" in the navigation menu.

On the Attendance page, select the “Attendance Schemes” tab at the top of the page. Then click “New Scheme."

Provide a name for the new scheme. Then, enter the "Attendance Statuses" that define the attendance scheme. A description of each column is below.

  • Symbol - the abbreviation for the status name. For example, 'P' for 'Present.'
  • Status Full Name - the entire name of the status. For example, 'Present.'
  • Assigned % - The optional weight assigned to each status that contributes to the individual's overall percentage of attendance. For example, '75%' for 'unexcused late.'
  • Order - The order in which the symbols display in the drop-down menu for attendance taking.

To add additional statuses, enter the number of desired additional statuses and then click "Add Statuses."

Once all statuses have been set, click "Save." Then click "Close" to return to the attendance main page.

The new attendance scheme will appear under “Course Schemes.” To make the new scheme the course default, click the “Set” button to the right of the scheme name.

Attendance Registers

Attendance registers are used to record students’ presence or participation in course sessions or related activities. Before creating a new register, review or create an attendance scheme that will best suit the register so that you can select the appropriate scheme during setup.

On the Attendance page, click "Attendance Registers" and then click "New Register."

Enter a name and optional description for the register. Select the attendance scheme from the drop-down menu.

The "Cause for Concern %" allows you to see a threshold (in the form of a percentage) that denotes acceptable attendance. Attendance percentage is automatically calculated based on the assigned percentages you designated in the attendance scheme. When users fall below this percentage, they will be visually flagged in the attendance record.

Toggle the visibility checkbox to determine whether students will be able to see the register. Then, specify whether all users or select groups will appear in the register.

Under Sessions, enter the name for each of your sessions. When you are finished, click “Save,” and then click “Close” to return to the main attendance page.

Tip: If you use a generic session identifier, such as “Class 1, Class 2…”, you will be able to copy the register into other courses without making adjustments. If you use session meeting dates, you will need to edit each session name if you plan to copy the register into other courses.

To add additional sessions, enter the number of sessions that you wish to add and click “Add Sessions.” But be aware that all listed fields must be completed. If there are more fields than you require, you will need to delete them (by clicking the trashcan icon for each) before saving.

You're now ready to begin using the register to record attendance in your course or event. See the Taking Attendance article for more information