This article shows the process of taking attendance. For information on setting up attendance in your course, see the Attendance Setup article.

On the “Attendance Registers” page, click on the name of the register.

The attendance page will open. The register will display the users enrolled in the course, along with a column for each session that you created during setup. To enter attendance for a particular session/event, click the paper and pencil icon next to the session name.

A drop-down menu will appear to set the attendance for each student.

Tip: For faster attendance taking, rather than entering the attendance for each individual, click the “Set Status for All Users” button and mark attendance as present. Then, go back and change the status for those users who were absent or late for that particular session.

After you have set the attendance status, click “Save” and then click “Close” to return to the register. Your attendance will be recorded and displayed on the register.

If you set a "Cause for Concern" during the attendance setup, a warning icon and red text will denote users that have fallen below the threshold in the "% Attendance" column.