This article shows the process of creating grade categories and items in D2L Grades.

Creating a Grade Category

Navigate to Grades (Assessments > Grades). On the “Manage Grades” page, click “New” and choose “Category.”

Type a name for the category.

Set the “Grading” options for the category.

Can Exceed - allows user grades to exceed the max value for the grade item.

Exclude from Final Grade Calculation - (points-based systems only) Do not include the grade in the overall grade.

automatic point/weight distribution to all items in the category.

Set the “Display Options” for the category, if you wish for them to differ from your default grade book options.

On the “Restrictions” tab, you can set visibility settings for the category.

Be sure to click “Save and Close” before exiting.

Creating a Grade Item

On the “Manage Grades” page, click “New” and choose “Item.”

Select the desired “Grade Type.” For points based items, choose “Numeric.”

Enter a title for the grade item and select or create a category, if desired.

Set the “Grading” options for the item. If desired, you can add a D2L Rubric.

Set the display options for the grade item, if you wish for them to differ from you default grade book grade options.

On the “Restrictions” tab, you set visibility options for the grade item.

Be sure to “Save and Close” before exiting.