You can export grades from D2L Grades to an Excel spreadsheet. This article outlines the grade export process. On the “Enter Grades” page, click the “Export” button.

Set the “Export Options.”

Select a “Key Field” that will be used to identity users (Org ID or Username).

Choose the “Grade Values” that will be included (Points grade, Grade Scheme).

Choose which “User Details” you wish to include in the export file.

Choose the “Grade Items” that you wish to include in the export. By default, all items will be checked. Deselect unwanted items. Then click “Export to CSV” or “Export to Excel” to create your export file.

A pop-up window will appear with a link to download your file. Click on the link to download the file. You must download the file at this time. After closing the window, you will need to complete this process again to obtain the download link.

You will be prompted to save or open the file. CSV files are compatible with Microsoft Excel. When you open the file, you will see your Grades in the spreadsheet.