Instructors can use grade exemptions to prevent a grade item from being included in the calculation of a student’s final grade.

By using grade exemptions, an instructor can clearly indicate that a student is exempt from a particular grade item. A blank grade or a zero could mean that the student hasn’t submitted the item, that the item has not been graded yet, or that the student has failed the item. Having an exemption setting supports the differentiation for a legitimate exemption.

Instructors can exempt individual numeric, selection box, pass/fail, calculated, formula, and text item grade item types; however, instructors cannot exempt a learner from a final calculated grade or final adjusted grade.

Note: When grade exemptions are set for a student, the Grade Value on Item and No Grade Received release conditions will not trigger.

Setting a Grade Item as Exempt for Students

On the Grade Item page (to access click the actions arrow next to the item name and choose “Grade All”), select the check box beside the student’s name. Then click “Exempt” at the top of the table.

Enter additional scores/exemptions. Then click “Save and Close.”

Setting Multiple Grade Exemptions for a Student

Sometimes you may need to exempt a single student from multiple grade items. The fastest way to do so is to click on the student’s name from the “Enter Grades” page.

Click the “actions arrow” next to the student’s name and choose “Bulk edit exemptions.”

Select the grade items that you want to exempt for the student.

Click “Save and Close” to return to the user details. Click “Save and Close” again to return to the grade book.

Identifying Exemptions

Exemptions are identified in the “Scheme” column.

They are also displayed on the “Enter Grades” page when viewing student scores.

Removing an Exemption

To remove a student's exemption, on the Grade item page, select the check box beside the student's name and then click "unexempt" at the top of the table. 

You can remove multiple exempts for a student by returning to the student's individual grade page (click on the student's name and then choose the actions arrow next to the student name and choose "Bulk edit exemptions.")

Remove the check boxes for the items that you want to remove exemptions.

Student View

When a student is exempt from a grade item, the word “Exempt” will appear in their grades view: