This article explains the process of releasing final or overall grades to students.

By default, overall calculated grades are not visible to students. The instructor must release overall grades to students if/when desired. The “Final Calculated Grade” can be released at any time throughout the semester. However, depending on Grade settings, the overall grade calculation may not provide an accurate representation of the student’s progress in the course.

On the “Enter Grades” screen, click the “actions arrow” next to “Final Calculated Grade.” Select “Enter Grades” from the drop down menu.

Click the “actions arrow” next to “Final Grades.” Select “Release All” from the drop down menu.

To confirm that you wish to release the final grade to users, click “Yes.” This will release the calculated grade to student view.

When you return to the Grades page, an “eye” icon will show next to the final grades. This indicates that the final calculated grades are visible to students.