Quiz accommodations allow instructors to grant students extra quiz time on all quizzes through the Classlist tool. This prevents instructors from needing to add special access for a student on individual quizzes.

Once granted for a student, accommodations automatically apply to ALL quizzes in the course. Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any student on a quiz-by-quiz basis.

On the Classlist screen, click the arrow behind the user’s name and choose “Edit Accommodations.”



Set the desired accommodations for the user and then click “Save.”

  1. Timing: Modify time limit
    • Multiplier of original quiz time – allows you add a multiplier of the original quiz time. Use this option when students have an accommodation for time and half (1.5) or double time (2) on a quiz.
    • Extra time – allows you to add set amount of extra time to all quizzes. Use this option for students who need a specific time addition.
  2. Controls – the option allows the user to use right-click in the quiz.