This article explains how to change an answer in a quiz after some (or all) students have taken an attempt. It also explains how to assign credit for previous answers.

Click on the name of the quiz that needs to be revised. Click the “Add/Edit Questions” button found under the “Quiz Questions” heading on the “Properties” tab. If you are using a random quiz, this will take you directly to the Question Library. 

In the question list, click on the question that needs to be changed. Make the necessary changes and then click “Save.” Click “Done Editing Questions” to return to the quiz setup.

Updating Existing Attempts

All future quiz attempts will be graded based on the new answer. Existing quiz attempts can be updated, in bulk, by following the below process.

From the “Edit Quiz” screen, click the “actions arrow” next to the quiz name at the top of the page. Choose “Grade” from the list.

Navigate to the “Questions” tab. Select the “Update All Attempts” option.

Each quiz question will display. If any students have already completed an attempt, there will be a section at the bottom of the quiz titled “Questions that are not in the quiz anymore.”

The question that you changed will appear under this heading. Click on the question.

You will see the number of students who have completed an attempt. Under the “Grade” heading, you have two options:

  • Give to all attempts [#] points – This option assigns points to all users that have taken a quiz attempt, regardless of their answer.

  • Give to attempts with the answer [select answer] [#} points – This option gives points to only those students who have selected a particular answer.

At the bottom of the page, click “Save.” Confirm the message to change quiz scores.

Student grades will be updated to reflect the added points. All future attempts will be graded with the new question/answer.