This article outlines the process of creating questions directly in a quiz. The process of creating questions is the same, regardless of the location (Question Library, Quizzes, Surveys, or Self-Assessments).

We recommend creating all questions in the Question Library and then importing the questions into the quiz, survey, or self-assessment. For more information about the Question Library, see the Question Library article.

Enter the quiz setup to begin adding questions. If you have not already set up a quiz, see the Quiz Setup article.

On the “Properties” tab, click “Add/Edit Questions.”

Click “New” and select the question type you want to add.

Complete the required information for each question by entering the question text, correct answer(s), distractors, and other required information. The setup differs slightly for each question type. For more information on question types, see the D2L's Questions Types article.

Once all questions have been created, click “Done Editing Questions” to return to the Quiz Setup. If the quiz setup is complete, save and close the quiz. Remember, you must activate the quiz before it will be available to students.