This article outlines the process of importing questions from the Question Library into a quiz. On the “Manage Quizzes” page, click on the name of the quiz that you wish to add questions to, or set up a new quiz now. For more information on setting up a quiz, see the Quiz Setup article.

Under the “Quiz Questions” heading, click “Add/Edit Questions.”

On the questions page, click the “Import” button and choose "Browse Question Library."

Note: If you wish to import into a specific folder, enter (or create and enter) the folder before clicking “Import.”

The Question Library will appear in a pop-in screen. Choose the section or individual questions that you want to import into the quiz and then click "Add."

The questions will now appear in your quiz. When you are finished importing or adding questions, click “Done Editing Questions” to return to the quiz setup page. Be sure to save the quiz setup page after adding or editing questions.