This article outlines the process of printing a D2L quiz. Currently, Firefox is recommended for this process.

Navigate to the Quiz tool and preview the quiz that you wish to print by clicking the “Actions Arrow” for the quiz and choosing “Preview.”

Note: If your quiz is set to show a certain number of questions per page, only the questions displayed on the page you print from will actually print. To print the entire quiz, you will need to complete this process for each page of questions. Or, to print the entire quiz at one time, set the quiz to show all the questions on the same page.

To begin the quiz, click “Start Quiz.” Click “OK” to accept the confirmation popup.

To print in Firefox, right-click anywhere on the quiz and choose “This Frame > Print Frame.”

Set the print desired print settings and then print. The quiz will print. Depending on the length of the quiz, it may be several pages.