This article outlines the process of setting up a quiz, including linking a quiz to a Grade item. For information on adding questions to a quiz, see the Creating Quiz Questions article.


Navigate to the Quiz tool by selecting "Assessments" > "Quizzes" in the course navigation menu.

Click on the "New Quiz" button.

Under the ‘General’ heading, enter a name for the quiz and select or create a category (optional).

Under the ‘Quiz Questions’ heading, you can add questions to the quiz. Adding quiz questions is covered in the Creating Quiz Questions article.

Under the ‘Description / Introduction’ heading, you can add a quiz description and introduction that will be displayed to students on the ‘Quiz Summary’ page before they begin the quiz.

Under the ‘Optional Advanced Properties’ heading, you can enable question hints, disable right click, or disable pager and alerts.

  • Allow hints – You can set up hints when creating quiz questions. If you want to display these hints to users, you must check this box.
  • Disable right click – This disables users from printing a quiz via right-click.
  • Users cannot access the Email too, Instant Messages tool, or their alerts if they have a quiz attempt in progress.


You can also enter a notification email address that will receive notification each time a quiz is submitted.

Restrictions Tab

Click the “Restrictions” tab at the top of the quiz page.

All quizzes are created as hidden. When you are ready for students to have access to a quiz, you must make the quiz viewable by unchecking the "hide from users" checkbox.

If desired, set date and time restrictions for the quiz. The Due Date would be the date that the quiz is expected to be completed. The Start Date is the date the quiz will open (if you enable a start date, the quiz will remain locked until that date). The End Date will disable the quiz and students will no longer be able to access the quiz without special access.

For more information about restrictions and release conditions see the Restrictions article and Release Conditions article.

With the ‘Optional Advanced Restrictions,’ you can also restrict a quiz with a password. Please note that on-campus IP Restriction is not possible.

Under the ‘Timing’ heading, choose “No time limit” or “Enforce a time limit.” If you choose to enforce a time limit, enter the number of minutes allotted for completing the quiz. Also specify whether the clock will be displayed to students.

If a time restriction is enforced, choose the appropriate "Late Behavior."

  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working - This will allow the student to continue the quiz at leisure. The system will simply log how many minutes the student submitted the quiz. The instructor will need to manually adjust scores if necessary.
  • Quiz is flagged as late, and student is prevented from making further changes. - This setting will require the student to submit the quiz once the time limit is reached. The student will not be able to answer any additional questions or change existing answers. The only available option will be to submit the quiz. This is the recommended setting for standard timed quizzes!
  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working. Quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the specified limit. - This will score the quiz as a zero. The instructor will need to re-score the quiz based on their evaluation of the submission.

Under ‘Special Access,’ you can allow users to access the quiz early, access the quiz late, or provide additional time to individual users, such as those with a request from the Disability Services Office.

Assessment Tab

Click the “Assessment” tab at the top of the quiz setup.

Check the box “Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion.” This setting allows the system to auto-grade the quiz after the student submits it.

If you already have a grade item setup for the quiz, select it from the “Grade Item” drop-down menu. If you do not have a grade item setup, you can set one up now by clicking “Add Grade Item.”

Check the box “Allow automatic export to grades.” If this box is not checked, quiz grades will not be transferred to Grades.

Scroll down to the ‘Attempts’ heading. Use the drop-down menu to set the number of allowed quiz attempts. Attempts can range from 1-10, or unlimited. Also set the “Overall Grade Calculation” setting for the quiz. You can choose to record the highest attempt, lowest attempt, attempt average, first attempt, or last attempt.

Submission Tab

The “Submissions” tab allows you to control what, and when, a student sees after they submit a quiz for grading. For more information on Submission view, see the Quiz Submission Views article.

Reports Tab

D2L Quiz Reports allow you to generate a variety of reports containing statistics about questions, question answers, user statistics, attempt details, and user attempts.