This article explains how to change the “Submission View” for a quiz. A “Submission View” allows the instructor to control what, and when, a student sees after they submit a quiz.

You can change the “Default View” or “Add an Additional View.”

Editing the “Default View” allows you to modify the standard submission options. This view is what students will see immediately after submitting a quiz.

“Add Additional View” provides the ability to restrict a secondary submission view by date and time, attempt score, and IP address.

For example, initially, you may want students to be able to see their quiz score immediately after submitting a quiz. Then, after all students have taken the quiz and the quiz time window has closed, you may want students to be able to view the questions they answered incorrectly and the correct answers. In this scenario, you would modify the “default view” to include only the quiz score. Then you would create an “additional view” that displays the questions and correct answers with a date that occurs after the quiz window.

Editing the Default View

Navigate to the “Quizzes” area of D2L. Enter the quiz setup by clicking on the quiz name link.

Under the “Submission Views” tab, click “Default View.”

The “Default View” is what students will see after they submit a quiz when no other views are established.Under the "View Properties” heading, you can add a personal message that confirms the quiz submission or provides further instructions to students.

Under the “View Details” heading, you can choose to show the quiz questions to students.

If you choose to show the questions, you must also select one of the associated options.

  • “Show questions answered incorrectly” – Questions with a point value less than the total points possible will be displayed. This includes long-answer and text- and image-based questions that are not able to be auto graded.

  • “Show questions answered correctly” - Questions answered correctly with a point value greater than zero will be displayed. Long-answer questions that are initially auto-graded as a zero will not be displayed until the question is manually graded by the instructor. Text- and image-based questions that do not receive a point score will be displayed.

  • “Show all questions without user responses” – All quiz questions (and the choices) will be displayed, but without user responses.

  • “Show all questions with user responses” – All questions (and the choices) will be displayed, along with user responses to the questions.

You also can specify whether you want students to be able to see the correct answers to the quiz questions and/or the question score and out of score by selecting the corresponding check boxes. If enabled, correct answers will be indicated by a blue arrow. Correct answers will only appear for the questions that you set to display in the previous step.

Under the “Score” heading, you can choose to show the overall quiz attempt score by toggling the checkbox. If this box is not checked, students will NOT be able to see their quiz grade after submitting the quiz.

Under the “Statistics” heading, you can choose which quiz statistics you display to students, including the class average and score distribution.

After making any changes to the submission view, be sure to click “Save.”

Adding Additional Views

On the “Submission Views” tab of the quiz setup, click “Add Additional View.”

On the “Add View” setup page, add a name that identifies this view, maybe something like “Post Quiz Feedback.” You can also add a custom message for students.

Set your new view restrictions under the “View Restrictions” heading.

  1. Set the date that you want the new submission view to become available to students. Once the date you specify passes, this view will remain the active view until the end of the course unless you delete the view and return back to the default view.

  2. You can also restrict this view to specific IP addresses, such as on-campus or specific computer lab locations.

  3. The limited duration option allows you to specify for how long the feedback will be available after the quiz is submitted. To specify, first select the checkbox. A field will appear that will allow you to specify the time frame.

Under the “View Details” heading, you choose which questions and answer will display for student. You can also choose to show the attempt score, class average, and/or score distribution by marking the corresponding checkbox.

After you have made the desired settings, be sure to click “Save.” You will return to the “Submission View” screen. Here you will find your new submission and details. Students will see the default view immediately after submitting their quiz. The new view will automatically activate as specified. To remove the view (at any time), select the box in front of the view name and click the trashcan icon to delete it.