This article explains how to create a random question quiz in D2L from a larger set of questions in the "Question Pool." Creating a quiz from a Question Pool ensures each user will receive a unique question set (and order) of questions

If you only want to randomize the order of questions, you can use the shuffling feature. 

Shuffling Quiz Questions

To simply shuffle the order of questions (but still give every student the same question set), you can shuffle your questions. It's still recommended to only display one question per page to ensure no two students have the same question at the same time. 

Creating a Random Question Quiz

Since random questions can only contain questions from the Question Library, you must create your questions in the Question Library before you can setup a Question Pool. For more information on creating questions in the Question Library, see the Question Library article.

Setup a quiz like normal, but do not add questions yet. For more information on quiz setup, see the Quiz Setup article.

Once all initial quiz settings are implemented, click the “Add/Edit Questions” button. This button is located on the “Properties” tab under the “Quiz Questions” header.

The question page will appear. Click “New” and choose “Question Pool”

Enter a name for the Question Pool and determine how many questions should appear in this section of the quiz. Also specify the points per question (all questions must have equal weight in a question pool).

Then click "Browse Question Library" to find the questions you want to use from your Question Library. 

Select the questions (or select all) that you want to pull from and then click "Add."

The questions will populate on the Question Pool page. Click "Save."

The Question Pool section will be added to the questions for the quiz. If you wish to add additional standard questions, you may add them now by clicking  "New." Otherwise, click "Done Editing Questions" to return to the quiz setup. 

Questions Per Page

On the quiz properties page, enter the number of questions to display per page and click “Apply.” You can also prevent users from moving backwards through the pages by enabling the “Paging” option. For the most secure quizzes, choose 1 question per page.

Page breaks are designated by the purple line. You can manually adjust page breaks by dragging the purple lines.

Continue adding questions and sections to complete the quiz setup.

Once the quiz is complete, click “Save and Close.” Remember, quizzes are set as “inactive” by default. Be sure to activate your quiz when you are ready to assign it to students. The status of a quiz and availability settings are found on the “Restrictions” tab of the quiz setup.