This article explains how to add users to “Special Access” for a D2L Quiz. Special Access is also available for the D2L Dropbox and follows a similar setup process.

Special Access allows course instructors to set different availability dates and times for specific users. Special Access provides all course participants access to the quiz based on the standard restrictions, while allowing the instructor to grant special access to specified participants that need alternate or extended access to the quiz. For example, it can be used to extend deadlines for users with a legitimate excuse for missing a deadline, or to address Disability Services accommodation requests for additional time limits or availability times.

Adding Special Access on a Quiz

Navigate to the “Edit Quiz” area by clicking on a quiz name.

On the “Edit Quiz” page, click on the “Restrictions” tab.

At the very bottom of the “Restrictions” page, click the “Add Users to Special Access” button. Be sure to leave “allow selected users special access to this quiz” checked. “Allow only users with special access to see this quiz” will hide the quiz from all other students.

On the “Add Special Access” page, you can set an alternate start and end date/time for specific users (you will designate the users last).

Under the “Timing” heading, you can set the time limit for specific users. To enforce a time limit (different from the original), select the “Enforced time limit” option and key in the desired duration. Assign an alternate late behavior, if desired. Leaving any setting untouched will use the same settings as the original quiz.

Select the user(s) that require the above set special access. You can select multiple students at once. However, if multiple students require differing special access, repeat this process for each special access case.

Once special access has been granted, be sure to click “Add Special Access” to return to the quiz. Also be sure “Save” the quiz.

The key icon on the quiz page designates that the quiz has special access permissions.