This article describes analytic and holistic rubric setup.

D2L Rubrics can be created to evaluate an item, such as Assignments or Discussion, on a predefined set of criteria. D2L has two types of rubrics available:

  • Analytic rubrics allow you to assess items based on more than one criterion. Levels of achievement are displayed in columns and assessment criteria are displayed in rows. Analytic rubrics may use a points or text only scoring method.
  • Holistic rubrics allow you to assess participants’ overall achievement on an assessment based on a single criterion using predefined achievement levels.

Access the Rubrics tool by clicking “Assessments" > "Rubrics" in the course navigation menu. Click “New Rubric.”

Creating an Analytic Rubric

Watch how to create an analytic rubric:

Watch how to create a weighted (custom points) analytic rubric:

Creating a Holistic Rubric

Watch how to create a holistic rubric: