Kutztown uses a “Send-Only” email setup in D2L. This setup is simplified for sending email; it does not receive or store any emails within D2L. All emails sent through D2L are sent using your Kutztown email address (@kutztown.edu for faculty and staff, or @live.kutztown.edu for students).


Sending an Email to the Entire Classlist

Navigate to the Classlist by clicking “Communications > Classlist” in the navigation menu.

On the Classlist screen, you will find a list of all the users that are currently enrolled in the course.

To email the entire class, click the “Email Classlist” button at the top of the page. All users enrolled in the course will be selected for email.

Sending an Email to an Individual User

To email an individual user, click on their name.

Sending an Email to Multiple Users

To email multiple users, but not the entire class, check the box next to each user that you wish to email and then click “Email.” The selected users will be included in the email.

Note: Using the “Check all” and “Email” method to email the entire class with this method will only select the users listed on the first page of the Classlist. Depending on your class size and per page view settings, this may not include all of the students in the course. The best way to ensure all users receive a message is to use the “Email Classlist” button at the top of the page.

Composing Your Message

The “Compose New Message” window will open. The selected users will be automatically added to the “Bcc” field. You can add additional emails to the “To” or “Cc” fields if necessary. Otherwise, you can leave this field blank.

Enter a “Subject” for the email and then compose your message in the “Body.” When you are finished composing the message, click “Send” at the top of the window.

You can also add an attachment to your email. Simply drag and drop the file into the “Attachments” section located below the message body.