This article outlines the process of activating a D2L course. By default, all D2L courses are set as “inactive” when they are created (about 8 weeks prior to the start of a semester). Inactive courses are NOT available to students and are ONLY accessible by the course instructor(s). This allows students to be enrolled in courses before the semester begins, as well as allows the instructor to begin developing the course without student presence.

The course instructor has complete control over if/when a course is activated for students. If you plan to use D2L in your courses, you will need to activate each course at the start of each semester.

Activating your Course

Locate the course you wish to activate from the "My Courses" widget.

Move your mouse over the course tile and click on the options menu in the upper-right corner. Select the "Course Offering Information" option.

Note: If you are already inside the course you wish to active, you can also click the "Course Admin" link in the course navigation menu.. Then choose "Course Offering Information."

On the Course Offering Information” page, look for the section called “Active” about halfway down the page. Check the box next to “Course is active” to activate the course. Be sure to save the page before closing.