This article outlines the process of adding a link to an external webpage directly in a D2L module.

Adding a direct link to an external webpage

Navigate to Content by clciking "Content" in the course navigation menu.

Enter, or create, the desired module that will house the external link. Click "Upload / Create" and select "Create a Link" from the menu. For more information on creating a content module, see the Create a Module article.

Enter a title for the link. Then copy and paste the URL into the "URL" field. Determine whether the link will open inside the learning environment or as an external resource (new tab or window). Then click "Create."

Add a link to a content page

Navigate to the content page that you wish to add a link to. Select the text that will serve as the link anchor and then click "Insert Quicklink."

From the list of available quicklinks, select "URL."

Type or copy/paste the url to the webpage in the "URL" field. The title will be the text that you selected in the previous step. You can change the title, but this will also update your text on the content page. Also determine if the page will open in a whole window, same frame, or new window. Click "Insert."

Be sure to save the content page before exiting.