A D2L Bookmark creates a quick link to a Content item in D2L. Bookmarks are available to both instructors and students and allow the user to favorite the most frequently accessed course materials in one convenient place.

Note: Bookmarks are individual and are created on an account basis. Students will not be able to see items that an instructor has bookmarked on his/her account.

Adding a Bookmark

Navigate to and open the content item that you wish to bookmark.

To add the page to your bookmarks, activate the “Bookmark” icon in the top right of the page.

The icon will be shaded to indicate that the page has been added to your bookmark collection. To remove, the bookmark, deactivate the icon.

Accessing your Bookmarks

Bookmarks are found above the Table of Contents on the Content page. Click on the “Bookmarks” module to view your bookmarks.

A list of all your bookmarks will be displayed on one page. To access an item, click on the link.