Instructors (and students) have the ability to download individual modules or files from a course via the content manager.

For instructors wishing to archive course content, the easiest method is to export the entire course. To archive an entire course, see the Export Course Components article.

Downloading Course Modules

To download an entire module, click the “Actions Arrow” next to the desired module and choose “Download” from the list.

The download process will begin. Large modules may take some time to process the download. Once processed, the module will download to your computer as a compressed zip file.

Locate the .zip file on your computer and extract the compressed file. Inside the file, you will find a Table of Contents .html file that will allow you to access the items that were contained in the module on D2L.

Download Individual Items

To download an individual file from a module, click the “Actions Arrow” next to the desired file and choose “Download” from the list.

The file will download to to your computer..