The HTML Editor is used when content is being entered directly into the system, including creating/editing discussion topics, creating instructions for items, and creating content topics. The HTML Editor contains several functions to manipulate the style and format of your text.

The HTML Editor formatting bar is found at the top of every text field.

The first set of options deal with media.

Insert Stuff - Allows you to upload files form your computer, files from course offering files, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, external links, and embed codes.

Insert Image – Allows you to add images from your computer, course offering files, shared files, or a URL.

Insert Link – Allows you to add Quicklinks to existing D2L components and external links.

Insert Other – Allows you to insert symbols, lines, or attributes.

The format option allows you format text based on headings and paragraph.

The middle sets of options format text, including bold/italic/underline, indent/outdent, bullets/numbering, font type and size, and color.

The next set includes tables, equations, and undo/redo.

The last set is cut/paste.

At the bottom of the page, there are options to spell check, accessibility check, view HTML, preview, and view full screen.