The KU Online Course Design Framework includes a sample module. You can add additional modules and configure your course to use the provided HTML templates in your course by following the process outlined below.

Configure Your Course to Use Templates

Navigate to "Content" area of your course and then select "Settings" in the top right.

Check the box to "Enable HTML Templates."

Then click "Change Path."

In the pop-up window, choose the "Template Files-do not delete" folder and then click "Select Path."

Save the Content Settings page to return to your content modules.

Add a Module

Click in the "Add a module.." field and start typing the name of your next module. For example, "Module 2." Press the "Enter" key to create the module.

Add a Content Page and Select the Template

Enter the new module and click the "Upload-Create" button and choose "Create a File."

Next to the title field, click the "Select a Document Template" button and choose the desired template type from the drop down. 

The template will populate the HTML Editor. You can make any necessary adjustments before clicking "Save and Close" to create the page.