Make your content talk! ReadSpeaker is a text to speech (TTS) solution that is integrated with D2L Content. The tool reads text-based content aloud, delivering bimodal presentation of the content.

Bimodal content presentation has many advantages over just reading:

  • Improved word recognition skills and vocabulary.
  • Improved reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration.
  • Improved information recall and learning/memory enhancement.
  • Increased motivation and more positive attitude with regard to reading.
  • Increased reading self-confidence and perceived performance.

In addition, ReadSpeaker meets the needs of learners with visual impairments, reading difficulties, and second language learners. Learners can listen to both D2L HTML content pages and uploaded documents.

ReadSpeaker is automatically enabled in every course in the D2L learning environment. 

NEW! ReadSpeaker is now available for quiz and assignment instructions and throughout a quiz.

For guidance on how to use ReadSpeaker yourself, or to share the helpful feature with your students, please see the ReadSpeaker - Text to Speech for D2L article.