Sometimes a professor may want to provide alternative or additional content for a specific student(s) in a course. This is possible with a restricted module. Only the student(s) specified will be able to view the module. For all other students, the module will not exist.

Step 1: Create a Group and Enroll Student(s)

First, set up a Group for the student(s) that need access to an alternative module.

Navigate to Groups (Communications > Groups).

Click “New Category.”

Begin the group setup by entering a category name and optional description.

For “Enrollment Type”, be sure to select “# of Groups – No Auto Enrollments.” You can enter the desired number of groups. You only need 1. You can leave the "Group Prefix" field blank.

You can leave the workspace options deselected.

Click “Save.”

Enroll the student(s) that requires an alternative module in the group that you just created by clicking on the name of the group.

Click “Enroll Users.”

Enroll the user(s) in the group by checking the box under the group column and click “Save.”

Step 2: Create a Module and Restrict it

Create a new module to house the restricted content.

Restrict the module to the group with the student(s) enrolled. by clicking “Add dates and restrictions” within the module.

Under “Release Conditions,” click “Create.”

Select “Classlist > Group Enrollment” for the “Condition Type.” Then select the specific group below and click “Create.”

Be sure to click “Update” to add the release condition restriction.