This document outlines the process of copying course components from an existing course to another course. It is possible to copy all course content and components, or just select content or components. Student data and submissions (Discussion postings, Assignment submissions, Grades, etc.) are NOT included in a course copy.

Note: You must be enrolled as in instructor or guest instructor in both courses in order to copy content from one course to another.

Click “Course Admin” in the course navigation menu of the course that you wish to copy content into.

On the “Course Administration” page, choose “Import / Export / Copy Components,” located under the “Site Resources” heading.

Select the first option, “Copy Components from Another Org Unit” and then click “Search for offering.” Leave the “include protected resources” box checked.

The search page will load. Enter the course ID code, course title, or part of the course name for the course that you wish to copy content from and click the search (magnifying glass icon) button. Only courses that you previously taught will appear in the results list. Select the desired course from the list and click “Add Selected.”

Tip: The best method to narrow results is to add the course prefix and semester year. For example, MAT 2017.

To copy all content and components from the select course, click “Copy All Components.” 

  • "Copy all Components" copies all course components, including course images, dates, and grade settings. Dates and restrictions will need to be updated in the new course after the copy is complete.

To choose which items will be copied, click “Select Components."
  • A list of all available components to copy from the course will populate. You can select individual components, or select all for each category. After selecting the desired components, click “Continue.”

A “Confirm Components to Copy” screen will appear. Click “Finish” to start the copy process.

The components will copy. A green check mark will be displayed next to each component that successfully copied. It is recommended that you click the “View Content” button to review your content to ensure all materials copied properly.