D2L Daylight offers instructors the ability to set a course image for customization. The course image is used for the course tile in the 'Pinned Courses' widget on the D2L homepage, as well as for the banner image on your course homepage. All courses are randomly assigned a default image by the system when created. This article explains how to customize the default image for your course.

We recommend using one of the images from D2L's extensive image catalog for the best resolution and image quality.

On the D2L My Home page, hover over the tile image for the course, select the 'More actions' button and choose 'Change Image.'

Enter keywords in the search box and then click the magnifying glass to locate an image based on your keywords.

To select an image, move your cursor over the image tile and click 'Use this image.'

The image will update for the course tile and the course banner.

Uploading your own image

If you are not able to locate a relevant image or have a custom image that you would like to use for your course tile and homepage banner, you can upload your own image. 

On the D2L My Home page, hover over the tile image for the course, select the 'More actions' button and choose 'Change Image.'

Select 'Upload' in the upper-right corner of the screen.

In the 'Course Image' section of the Course Offering Information page, select the 'Browse' button.

Upload an image file from your computer (or other location) by clicking 'Upload.' 

Click 'Add.'

Click 'Save' on the Course Offering Information page.

The image will update your course tile and course banner. The system automatically scales and sizes the image as necessary. There is no built-in image editor so if the image does not display as desired, you will need to alter the image outside of D2L and upload a new version.