This article will show you how to change your D2L email preferences. Kutztown uses a “Send-Only” email setup in D2L. This setup is simplified for sending email; it does not receive or store any emails within D2L. All emails sent through D2L are sent using your Kutztown email address ( for faculty and staff, or for students).

Enter the “Account Settings” by clicking the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of D2L.

Select the “Email” tab. Determine if you wish to “send a copy of each outgoing message to [your email].”

Determine if you wish to “Save a copy of each outing message to the [D2L] Sent Mail folder.”

Enter an email signature that will appear in all emails created from the Classlist.

Since KU uses the “Send-Only” setup, the display options are not valid.