This document explains how to save postings from a D2L Discussion. In order to save discussion postings, you will need to either print each discussion thread or save it as a PDF.

Note: It is recommended that you save the threads as PDFs rather than printing, as some discussions can be several pages in length. Saving as a PDF allows you to keep a digital copy on your computer that can be printed at a later time.

Saving Discussion Posts

Enter the Discussion topic that contains posts you wish to save by clicking on the topic name.

Click the “Actions Arrow” next to a thread that you wish to save and choose “Print Thread” from the menu.

A “print view” will load in your browser's print preview. To print the thread, click “Print.”

Choose your printer or save as a PDF:

You will need to repeat this process for each thread that you wish to save from the Discussion area.

Note: Another method to save specific discussion posts would be to take a screen capture of each discussion post that you wish to save. You can compile the screenshots in a folder on your computer or paste them into a document for organization. You can use the built-in screen capture tool on your operating system, or you can download free screen capture software, such as Jing, from the TechSmith website.