This article outlines setting up Group Assignments. Group Assignments allow any member of a group to submit files to an Assignment folder for evaluation. All group members will receive the same score and feedback on an evaluated group submission.

If you have not already done so, you need create your groups before creating the Assignment. For more information on creating groups, see the Group Setup article.

Creating Group Assignment Folders

Navigate to the Assignment tool by clicking “Assessments > Assignments" in the course navigation menu.

Create a new folder by clicking the “New Assignment” button.

Provide a name for the Assignment and enter the Assignment instructions (optional).

Submission, Completion and Categorization

Choose “Group assignment" for the "Assignment Type."

Select the group that you created from the “Group Category” list.

Continue setting up the Assignment folder as normal, including submission options, evaluation options (Grade item), rubrics, restrictions, etc. For more information on Assignment setup options, see the Assignment Setup article.

Viewing Group Submissions

Assignment submissions will be categorized by group with the submitting user indicated to the right.