CAs an Instructor

  • Pause to prompt remote students for any questions. We suggest designating specific slots of time in the class session for single or multiple Q&A segments. This will help ensure that questions don't go unanswered. You might also consider creating a discussion forum in your D2L course so that students can submit questions after the meeting. 

  • The Rode microphone will work best at picking your voice but probably not others in the room, so repeat your questions if possible.

  • Remain as close to the Owl as your teaching style allows.

  • After several hours of speaking while wearing a mask your mouth and throat will be extremely dry. Drink plenty of fluids!

As a Student

  • Speak clearly and loudly, especially if very distant from the Owl, such as in the back of the classroom.

  • It is recommended that remote students wear headphones/headsets or earbuds for best audio quality.