This article demonstrates the steps to setup synchronous instruction in an Owl or Sony Camera Equipped Classroom.


Each faculty member will receive their own wireless Rode microphone. You’ll need to bring your microphone set with you to each classroom. 

The Rode microphone has two components: the receiver and the lapel microphone.

Step 1: Connect Rode Receiver

After logging in to the podium workstation, the first step is to connect the Rode Receiver to the supplied podium audio cable.

Step 2: Turn on Receiver and Mic

Next, turn on the receiver by pressing and holding the button on the top of the receiver until the screen illuminates.

Now turn on the microphone by pressing and holding the button on the bottom of the microphone until the status lights illuminate.

Step 3: Attach Mic to Clothing

Clip the microphone onto the front of your clothing.

Step 4: Start Your Zoom Meeting

Open the Zoom application on the podium computer by double clicking the Zoom icon on the desktop.


When the Zoom application opens, click “Sign in.”

On the Sign in screen, be sure to select “Sign in with SSO" on the right side of the Zoom window.


The domain will auto-fill. Click “Continue.”


A browser window will open with the KU Single Sign On page. Enter your KU login information and click “Sign On.”


Now click “Open Zoom Meetings,” and then close the browser window.

In the Zoom application window, click “Meetings,” and choose your previously scheduled meeting on the left. Then click “Start.”


When the meeting starts, click “Join with Computer Audio”

Step 5: Set the Rode Mic as the Active Microphone

Remember to set your Rode mic as the active microphone by opening the audio settings and choosing “Realtek High Definition” from the list of available microphones.

Step 6: Start the Owl or Sony Camera Video

Turn on the camera by starting your Zoom video.


At this time, you’re ready to start your instruction! 

Please note that all functions in Zoom will otherwise work as normal.

Step 7: Remove and Turn off Receiver and Mic

When class is over, end the Zoom meeting and log off the computer podium.


The camera will turn off automatically. Make sure you turn off your microphone and receiver.


Finally, unplug the receiver and remember to take it with you.


Please remember to charge your Rode set! Batteries last up to eight hours.

Watch the Video Demonstration

Click here to view the video full-screen in a new window or tab.