My remote students aren't hearing any sound! 

  • Check to ensure that A) your receiver is “on”, charged and connected to the podium and B) that your mic is “on” and charged.
  • Next, make sure that the sound level on the receiver is up by pressing the “dB” button on the bottom of the receiver:

Adjacent to the button, in the lower left of the receiver screen you’ll see a volume indicator that will display the level of the mic. Click the button once for mid-level volume, two times for maximum, and a third time to reset it to the lowest volume.

  • Check your Zoom settings to make sure that the Relatek High Definition Audio” is selected in the microphone settings.
  • Finally, check the volume of your mic in Zoom settings. Click on the small arrow next to the microphone icon in the lower left of the screen, and click the “Audio settings” items. One the pop-up menu check the level of your mic under the “Microphone” section of the menu.

Some remote students sound muffled

Sounds may be improved by using a headset with a microphone, headphones or ear buds, which still make a big difference in how students will sound to other ZOOM participants. 

I can't hear the remote students at all, or a student needs to be muted

The participants may be muted in ZOOM. Go to “Participants” window in ZOOM and unmute or mute them by hovering over each participant and clicking “mute.” 

I can't hear the remote students well due to low volume

Adjust the volume on the side of the Owl. Ask participants to check their audio connections and settings.


The remote participants can't hear me

You might have muted the Owl. If so a red microphone icon will appear on your Zoom screen:

The Owl camera will also display a red indicator bar light on its side below the microphone button. To unmute it, push the microphone icon. The red indicator will go off.

The Owl's "eyes" have gone off. What does this mean?

The lit circular Owl “eyes” on the device indicate that the video camera is active. If they go off, the remote students cannot see the on-campus feed, but they can still hear you. You can still hear them as well. The ZOOM meeting is still connected and active. Check to make sure your video is “on” and by clicking the Video Camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen.