Participants do not have automatic access to Zoom meetings. The host (instructor) needs to share their "join meeting" link after creating the meeting. Methods of sharing Zoom meetings may vary by instructor, however any join meeting link will launch the meeting in the same manner.

Professors are encouraged to share Zoom join links in the Content area of their D2L course. In this case, students would click on the link in content to join a meeting. If you have questions on where to find Zoom join links for you course, please contact your instructor. 

When clicking on the link, you may be prompted to sign in to KU Single Sign-On (SSO). Enter your KU email and password. If you are not prompted, proceed to the next step.

You will be prompted to open the meeting in the Zoom app. Click "Open Link" to start the Zoom desktop application. 

If this is your first time using Zoom and you do not have Zoom installed on your computer yet, the application download should start automatically. If nothing prompts, click the "Download & run Zoom" link.

Once the application is downloaded and open on your machine, you'll need to authenticate the application to your KU account. Select the "Sign on with SSO" button on the right.

On the next screen, enter "Kutztown" in the "company domain" field and click continue.

At this time, your browser should open and ask you to authenticate to KU's SSO. Enter your KU email address and password. 

You may be prompted with a dialogue asking to open in the Zoom application. Please allow. After authenticating the application, the meeting or waiting area for your meeting should appear. Wait for the host to start the meeting. For information on navigating Zoom, see the Navigating Zoom as a Participant article.

Visit the Zoom Help Center to view all of the available articles and videos.