You can use a shared Word document in Office 365 to create a sign up sheet for student presentations or meetings. Using D2L to share your sign up sheet and the recommended settings, below, you can track student contributions and edits. 

Step 1: Create Your Sign Up Sheet

Navigate to and sign in using your KU username and password. 

Select Word from the list of Office 365 apps. If you're not seeing Word in the list, you may need to click "All apps."

Create a new document or select a template for your sign up sheet. There are many customizable templates available for sign up sheets.

Customize your sign up sheet as desired. 

Step 2: Configure Settings & Share Your Sign Up Sheet

Once your sign up sheet is complete, the next steps is to configure your settings and share your document. 

To track student contributions and edits, enable "track changes" by navigating to the "Review" tab, clicking "Track Changes" and selecting "For Everyone."

Now you're ready to share the document. Click the "Share" button in the top right to access the share settings.

Change the share settings to "People in Kutztown University with the link." Make sure "Allow editing" is checked Then click "Apply."

Now, copy the link to the document.

Step 3: Add Your Sign Up Sheet to D2L

Finally, add the link to your document in a D2L Content module or preferred area of D2L. 

We recommend setting the link to "open as an external resource."

When students access this link, they will be taken to the signup sheet where they can make contributions or edits to the document. 

As the instructor, you can also use this link to access the sign up sheet from D2L or you can return to to access the document.